Choosing Welding As A Career And Staying Safe On The Job

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding is the Proper name for TIG welding. Well it may be the proper name, but it takes too long to say… and since hardly anyone calls it Gas Tungsten Arc Welding and most everyone still refers to it as TIG Welding, That’s what I call it too.

The pipe fabrication that you use will determine the size and the diameter of the pipes that you get. Whether you are building an irrigation system or a fire protection system, you will need to start with a pipe fabrication process that is accurate. If every single dimension isn’t perfect, your welding project will never be a success.

As you can tell, we recommend you choose a top welding school. Because their programs are narrowly tailored to welding, you will most often get a higher quality education. You will also get the benefit of working on some more refined programs like tig welding or More info. For these reasons, we suggest you look at the best schools first.

You can refer to the ASME Section IX if you want to peep in to the certification requirements and qualification limitations. For the general purpose, we can assert that most common limitations are thickness, position and diameter of pipe. There are some limitations even after achieving the certification tests.

You may be reading this, and you may be tempted to make your 12-year-old a pipe welder. You can do that, and it would be a gift that would ensure he or she will never wash dishes, but it has to be their vision, or you’ll pay a price on the other end.

If you’re a great structural welder now, you can teach yourself 6G. Who do you know who taught themselves a difficult skill or task? Do you know a computer wizard who never spent a day in school? Welding pipe is hard. I don’t mean to make it sound easy.

Iran is the only nation to ever be close to having nuclear weapons while constantly saying they can’t wait to use them. We can’t let Iran get nukes. This means there will be confrontation, and it could get nasty, soon. The Straight of Hormuz is narrow. If Iran sinks just one oil tanker coming through there on its’ way to the USA, they’ll block that vital path.

Welding for a living can be physically demanding even for a young man. I strongly encourage anyone who gets one of these jobs to seize the opportunity to learn all you can about the trade to make yourself more valuable and so that you can take things to the next level when the time is right.

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