Body Language Tells All

Within a friend group, there are many people with varying temperaments and personalities. Each person will bring something new to the group. Generally you will find more dominant personalities, nurturing personalities and more passive personalities throughout the group.

CHRISTOPHER INLOW: Frank is still running around so I am going to run with this question if that’s alright, Usually a cheesy movie is bad- but in a really fun way. You can watch it and laugh and have a good time with it… If the budget is so low that the film makers probably owe you money for watching it- yet you still enjoy watching it…. that’s cheesy to me or the dialog runs off some bad joke… yet its still amuses you…just a dumb fun movie…. . A movie that I would consider as plain bad would have to just be lifeless. It doesn’t matter what the amount of money they put into the production is… If the film can’t emotionally move you in any direction… That’s just plain bad.

The gift of entertainment perhaps, unless, of course, there is an ล่ามภาษาญี่ปุ่น in the crowd who understands what this little ‘speaker of tongues’ is saying.

When traveling on remote outback roads/tracks, always tell someone at the destination of your expected arrival time and number of people in your party. If you fail to arrive within a reasonable time, help procedures can be started. Do NOT leave your vehicle as a missing vehicle is much easier to find that a missing person.

When entering Australia you will have to surrender all fresh food, animal and plant products and any unprocessed foodstuffs. You will be required to sign a statement to this effect. This is a quarantine regulation to prevent the entry of foreign organisms that may have a harmful effect on Australia’s native vegetation, wildlife and farming goods.

CHRISTOPHER INLOW: Frank is more of a horror than a host. However, tt’s the love of the genre, and the love of sharing what you enjoy with others…. and presenting it in a such a way that everyone involved is having a good time. We have seen our heroes host movies and TV shows we loved it! Hopefully people watching Frank host movies and events are having as much fun watching him as we did with our favorite hosts growing up.

By the end my tailbone was killing me (I’d screwed it up in the Republic of Georgia during mountaineering school). I did get stuck in Jalalabad, Afghanistan for about a week because of the heaviest rains that part of the world had suffered in fifty years. Fortunately many of my American team members shared the same fate so they were able to keep me company. As bad as it was to say goodbye to friends, family… and high speed internet it was good to see my team mates again.

On the last day we reviewed our material and took the test. We all passed with flying colors. The next day we were on a contracted Canadian helicopter on our way back to our central FOB.

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Body Language Tells All

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