Beware The Life Coach Who Offers To Help You Fulfill Your Dreams

In many organizations, there are some naturally talented people who love to present in front of groups. These folks seem to be born with the ability to be relaxed and at ease in front of a crowd.

In the past and even today, psychotherapy has been considered a weakness of character by many. I often wonder why so many bright, competent individuals will self-sabotage rather than look for the underlying reasons why their careers derailed. That can happen at every level, including the very top of a company. We have so many examples right now with failures in key industries.

In my years of Executive Coaching London I have seen these barriers effect corporate culture, team synergy, productivity and personal happiness for dozens of very well educated and accomplished professionals. What I will tell you is that the people who are able to win the battle with their “Key Barrier” and get it out of the way do it with two key strategies: 1) They become curious about the “Key Barrier” and 2) They become compassionate to it.

What do you want to measure in your business? To start, pick 2 areas. For each of these areas, did you have results from last year that you can specify? What are those results? Now, identify a target for this year, 2009. Do you want to increase it or decrease it? Remember my client I mentioned previously? He decided he wanted to measure an increase in sales and a decrease in expenses.

Basically if a person doesn’t trust you then their brain will be on guard for threats and will be acting defensively. This isn’t ideal for you! You want people to be flooded with Oxytocin and so open to your communication and feeling a connection with you. Our Synaptic Potential corporate training is designed to teach you how to do just this.

Should be a no-brainer, right? Wrong. Far too many folks figure that they’re experts and have it handled. Don’t let this happen to you. Plan your presentation with a storyboard. This is the quick and easy way to figure out what is important, where to start and how to end.

Cold calling. If you can’t get your prospects to come to you, call them up! Before you dial any number, make sure that you have prepared a compelling sales script that can guide you all throughout the call. All you need to do is to talk to decision-makers and make your corporate coaching programs look more valuable to their eyes. You can do this by communicating the benefits that your service can offer.

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