Orchid Plant Care – Living In The Greenhouse

Many people worry a lot when it comes to caring for their plants. When talking about house plants, there is no need to worry. There are just a few things you need to consider.

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Orchids like plenty of light (but not direct light) and prefer temperatures between 24 to 30 Celsius during the day. Night temperatures should not get much below 18 degrees Celsius. Japanese chong lao hoa da are more robust than most other varieties and will tolerate slightly cooler temperatures.

7) Garden sheds usually incorporate shelves for storing pots, garden and yard tools. You can even put in potting benches. Extras such as drawers and bins for storage of small hand tools, gloves, etc are really useful.

Although these are general guidelines, when to repot your orchid will also depend on the environment, the condition of the potting medium and the condition of the orchid itself.

Next, if you want to have electricity, water, and air-conditioning it is important that you build next to an access point that will allow you this luxury.

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Fertilize your orchid once a month from early spring until the autumn. Fertilizing is not necessary in winter since the plant won’t be actively growing. Liquid or water soluble types of orchid fertilizer are advised. Fertilizers may cause salt and mineral build up in the bottom of the flower pot. Changing the coconut fiber once a year prevents this build up from harming the orchid.

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Orchid Plant Care – Living In The Greenhouse

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