How To Be A Better Nonprofit Board Member Workshop

The earthquakes in Haiti and Chile have left those areas in a state of devastation and the rest of the world searching for a means to bring aid. We watch our news channels as they provide us with 24-hour coverage of the rising death toll, the looting, the desperate nature of humans in the time of need. We hear that military units have been deployed. Medical units have been and continue to be mobilized. Missionary groups pull together their resources. And we wonder, with all of those thousands of people involved, how can one ordinary person make a difference? Well…the answer is right here in Kansas City.

While working a live benefit auction this week, a non profit organizations in flint michigan was selling a book that was signed by the author. Since the value of the book was insignificant and the author was unknown, it was not appropriate for a live auction. It was just a book. However, the organization requested that I sell it anyway.

Don’t give money and things to anyone who comes along with a need. Do choose 1 or 2 people, groups or organizations to benefit from your generosity. You can always change the charity but decide in advance how often or how much you will commit to giving. Example: I founded a charitable non profit organization called “The International Movement to Empower More Youth” and a large part of the charitable giving there are scholarships for foster care teens to attend Youth Success Academy and/or the Empower More Youth National Conference.

Saturday’s inaugural benefit will take place Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 5:00pm at Church of Our Savior (Episcopal), 471 Crosby Street in Akron, Ohio. Along with evening-capping entertainment by the Grammy-nominated Klose, the event will feature Greek food prepared by the Filina family, a silent auction (with over sixty local items), and a 50/50 raffle. Dr. Nick Parasson of Summit Natural Wellness Center will appear as guest speaker, along with Dr. Joseph Flynn, oncologist and clinical director of hermatologic malignancies at The James Cancer Center at Ohio State University.

Going green with this is as easy as choosing the product you use, read the labels! Throw away those dated cleaning supplies like bleach and ammonia based cleaners; they can be skin irritants and potential carcinogens. Look for brands that have a third-party certification label, like Leaping Bunny or Certified Vegan and you will be sure that no animals were harmed with these no-animal-tested products. Stick to products made with plant-based ingredients, fewer additives and little, if any, fragrance. Natural biodegradable products break down easily in the environment, protecting the water and wildlife near your home.

Not only is the fire department engaging adults in this killing contest, this year they’re “. . . offering a special prize to participants under the age of 14. In addition to cash awards for dead squirrels, the slam will raffle off rifles, including a semiautomatic .22-caliber assault-style gun similar to one Connecticut police found in the arsenal of the Sandy Hook school shooter – a fact that has further incensed the squirrel advocates.” Is the killer instinct really what we want to instill in our children? That may sound like an oversimplified perspective, but the reality is kids and guns are not a good combination and the result can be devastating.

In lieu of the tragic events of 9-11, I want to take time to acknowledge those heroes and sheroes who lost their lives. May God’s grace sustain their families.