How Do Pool Filters Work

Water is the most important substance on earth. Approximately 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, and about 75% of our bodies are made up of water. Suffice it to say, we need water and a lot of it! The problem many of us have, including those around the world, is that not all water is created equally. The oceans are filled with lots of salt, making it dangerous to consume, and a lot of water is dirty and full of bacteria and organisms. Having a water system full of clean water is a real blessing for those that have it.

B. Sand Filter: Unplug the filter drain plug and leave plug off for the winter. Put drain plug with other small removed items in the pump basket. Make sure multiport valve has no water cartridge filter in it. If necessary, blow it out with your shop vac or compressor. Leave multiport valve in the “closed” or “winterize” position.

OPoor water circulation. Check the filter is it dirty. If you have a cartridge filter is the cartridge worn out? If you have a DE filter is it time to backwash or completely tear down the filter, check the grids and re-charge the system with clean filter powder. If your system has a sand filter it might be time to empty the sand and recharge the filter.

Check chlorine basket: Remove all chlorine tablets left and discard. Wear rubber gloves because you are working with active chlorinate. Return the cap back on chlorine basket when done.

You can rinse easily the China Filter Cartridge so that whenever pressure starts to pump from 10lbs, you can place it immediately into the unit. If necessary, you need to replace the cartridge if it is over 2 – 3 years. After doing this check, you need to know if you have worked on the procedure well. You can know if the swimming pool filter did not work if there are changes like increased deposit of contaminants and other debris.

The Vacmaster VJ507 is very easy to transport. The machine is lightweight and has a handle on top so that you can easily carry it around. The bottom is also equipped with casters so that you can roll it around too.

Next, figure the capacity of your pool. This will allow you to calculate how much water your swimming pool holds. This is an important factor in purchasing a pool filter. To find the capacity, multiply the volume (you found in step one) by 7.48.

Remember swimming pool filter is an important lifeline of your swimming pool. If you purchase one, you need to practically scout for discounts on online stores. If you need to replace swimming pool parts, then it is also a great avenue for supplies. So good luck and enjoy swimming cleanly.

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