Consuming, Getting, And Boating At Downtown Disney Marketplace

With the high cost of gas these days, it’s little wonder that folks are opting to spend their vacation time in their own back yards. The term “stay-cation” has been adopted for people who either choose to or have no other option but to remain close to home rather than drive for hours and then pop for a hotel. So you’ve got this week off from work and for the first few days just hanging around the house has been fun. But now what? Whether you’re looking for family fun, a more mature level of entertainment, something intellectual – or even something to do after work all summer long – there are lots of inexpensive things to do in and around Charlotte! Here’s a list of the top 15 things to do in the Charlotte area for $15 or less per person.

This Venice street scene with its painted ceilings and replicas of famous Italian landmarks, punctuated with free live entertainment is another unique Las Vegas experience.

The animatronic dinosaur suppliers park also has extended hours during summer. Being so close to the Molfetta Outlet Mall (also called the Fashion District Outlet) means that parents who love to shop can drop off the kids and not feel guilty about it. The kids can spend a day at the park while mom and dad shop at the mall. Like Zoosafari the Miragica theme park has the always popular ferris wheel and log flume plus a whole lot of thrill rides including fake-free fall and bumper cars. Parents would probably do well to stay at the mall and shop.

From the American Adventure, you drive to the Cast Center. Golly, get a load of all those costumes! The Cast Center is where the costumes are kept until they’re worn out by the cast members. Let us hope you did not think those were all factual characters out there in Disney World. The guide will tell you about what it’s like to be a cast member. You may even catch sight of a character getting dressed for work. Yes, characters need to work, too. You likely already knew that princesses wear wigs. You will discover plenty of princess wigs prepared for the princesses to put on. Did you have any idea that there were so many princesses, innumerable individuals working at Walt Disney World?

Living Statues perform all day in St. Mark’s Square and in front of Ann Taylor. These performers are good enough to be mistaken for real statues, and can be a shocker when one moves a little to adjust their pose near you. They are quite amazing to behold.

The best part of the Great Wolf Lodge is their attention to the little details. At 8 P.M., you can go down to their 3 story lobby with the Great Clock Tower and watch the animatronic raptor suppliers puppet show. Then shortly after that, one of the staff will sit down and read a story to the children.

Upon entance of the zoo there is a gift shop and a carousel for the kiddies. It is rather large and adults ride free with their children. There are also playgrounds available for children where they can run, jump and dig to release all that extra energy. If your gang tires or gets hungry there are numerous places to sit down and grab a bite. There are outdoor benches all along the walkways, as well as vendors selling pretzels, drinks, Dip-n-Dots ice cream and other goodies. If you prefer not to buy lunch at the zoo visitors are welcome to bring there own food. If is too warm out for you the Safari Grill is available to quench your thirst. For those more adventurous outtings such as birthdays or weddings the zoo is very well equipped to handle them also.

There’s no need to spend your entire vacation cooped up in your house – get out and visit some museums, walk and talk with the animals or race around the tracks. With so many inexpensive options you don’t need to put a limit on your summer fun!