Accounting Websites- Make Convincing Lead Capture Pages With These Simple Tips

Email marketing is all about defining the subscribers to your email lists. Everything else is based on this one fundamental. The New Year will not only bring a rise to 20% VAT but more competition as well as the cuts begin to bite. To ensure you are in a strong position you need to exploit all your advantages.

The negative to renting is that this precious email list never is yours. You never see or have access to it. You rely on the seller’s word that he is not a spammer and that his list is genuine. You create the email marketing campaign, and the owner sends out the email. You simply trust his word. At the end of the day are you sure that your direct mass mailings are going to a targeted receptive list? OR – are junked and spammed?

The John West salmon fishing advert follows the format which has now become classic. It is not contentious despite being a little naughty but, most importantly, no animal was harmed in it creation. It is amusing to most. Why is more difficult to fathom but we smile when we see it. Further, it is obvious that it is a spoof so there is no chance of it backfiring. It is funny on a limited number of levels and those with sufficient sophistication, such as you and the person you forward it to, will see them all.

The mistakes, although not all of them, have been made already as virals are by no means new. There are simple ways to ensure you do not make a big mistake. The prize per email address supplied is a thing of the past. Now you will get a free entry into a prize draw, the total value of which will be known to the last pound.

Now let’s look at the email marketing software. Email software has usually an up front cost of $299.00 to purchase the software. Here is where this may be the factor that makes your decision, there are no limits to list you can easily generate 500 subscribers to the list, 2,500, 25,000 maybe 250,000. The key factor is this, no matter how much subscribers are on your list, you never pay another dime.

You can do it yourself from your computer for free, but this is generally not a good idea for a lot of reasons. If you have more than 50 people on your list, you really need something more professional.

This is not all about selling T-shirts to Newcastle in the winter. If you have stores then you might want to market a particular product, one that they will pick up in store, to those within a certain radius. Further, email marketing is most successful when used as the lead in integrated marketing. But if you want to flood one particular area with posters to limit expenditure, in order to protect your email lists you might think it better to send your marketing emails to those in that particular area.

The second is that your landing page copy just plain sucks. It’s not compelling enough to turn the reader’s interest into a desire to buy what you’re offering. The offer itself may need some tweaking, but apart from that it’s simply the fact that you’re landing page copy is letting you down. A good email copywriter makes sure the email and the landing page work together in harmony to bring a reader from the first click through to the final purchase.

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Accounting Websites- Make Convincing Lead Capture Pages With These Simple Tips

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