10 Questions Angel Investors Will Ask You

A persistent complaint from investors is where do I get the money? Many people see the value in buying rental property or doing fix and flips to those who want to hold for the long term. In this economic time, getting the money to do the deals is barrier for many. Private money, home equity lines, and cash are the most common ways people are buying with us, no question. However we have some new options.

If you need a lot of money for your business and you don’t want to put your personal assets on the line there are still options. Although it will be hard to convince banks, you may be able to get the attention of private lenders and brett pittsenbargar seeking alpha. They will give you money, but they expect to make a large return on it down the road.

In a Mastermind Group the agenda belongs to the group and each person’s participation is key. Peers give each other feedback, help each other brainstorm new possibilities, and set up accountability structures that keep each other focused and on track. They create a community of supportive colleagues who will brainstorm together to move each member of the group to new heights.

An angel here is someone who can be your mentor and point you in the right direction whenever you need it. They have to be people you trust and value in terms of opinions. It takes time but it’s well worth locating one.

Once you have a few years under your belt, start looking into the loan options with the Small Business Administration. The SBA will not give you a loan, but it will guarantee up to 75 percent of a loan. If you walk into a commercial bank with such a guarantee, it can be the difference between being given a cup of coffee and the boot out the door.

Most importantly, don’t forget to practice, practice, practice. Just because you have given a thousand pitches in your life, don’t assume you can finesse this one by reading the bullet points in real time from the slides that your team put together for you. You need to be totally familiar and comfortable with your pitch to give it effectively.

Research your audience before presenting. The most respected presenters are the ones who have done the research before hand to know who is in the audience, and have tailored their message to these interests. If you know only a few people in the audience, acknowledge them, and convince the others that this is not a random cold call for you.

It’s now. Lavender Pit in Bisbee, Arizona, is a tourist destination with foot paths and walking tours conducted at the rim. Visitors can peer into the place where Bisbee turquoise came from, but will nevermore. Bisbee turquoise, what there was of it, can now be found in vintage turquoise jewelry, from collectors, or ordered from the current owners. You can imagine that they ration whatever existing supply remains.

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10 Questions Angel Investors Will Ask You

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